NEW! Short Film of Poetry/Prose: This Is Not A Poem.

This Is Not A Poem by SM CADMAN

This is not a poem.
A poem should punch you in the face.
Knock down your doors,
Run into your house
Steal the words
Right out of your mouth.
It should say
You’re afraid to say.
Then run a mile away
With your heart in its hand
While your brain questions
Your very existence.
It should linger around for days
Like a bad, maliferous odor.
Or a catchy show tune
That’s embedded in your skull
As an almighty earworm.
It should confine you like a
Prisoner to a jail cell
Who hasn’t seen the
Glistening of sunlight in years.
Oh no, this isn’t a poem…
It’s only words on a page.

Love not monnaie (feat. Tribuman) by Volfoniq is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 France License.