It’s The First Day Of #Fall, Have You Written Anything Yet? #Autumn #WritingPrompts!

Earth, Wind & Fire – September

Writing Prompts:

  1. You’re walking across a bridge when you witness someone about to jump, what do you do? Write about it!
  2. Sam had an important appointment soon, but she couldn’t find her car keys or her purse.
  3. An elderly man finds a box in his attic that doesn’t belong to him…
  4. A taxi she didn’t order arrives at her door and the driver insists that she accompanies him.
  5. You pass a homeless person on the street and give them a $100 bill.
  6. Sleepless nights cause you to fall asleep at work during the day.
  7. He returned home to find his place ransacked and only one item stolen.
  8. The sound of glass shattering woke them up at 3 am.
  9. You find a note tucked between the pages of an old library book.
  10. On a beautiful autumn day, I was walking my dog in the park when the leash broke and I…

Writing Plots to try!

(There are two choices to choose from in each category)

1. You are in a small airplane.
2. You are in a laboratory.
1. The sky outside is a strange purple color.
2. You hear the sound of dogs.
1. You are cold [or warm] and have no weapon.
2. You have been drugged and are groggy.
1. You must retrieve a suitcase.
2. You must deliver sensitive information.

1. You are in a civilian orbital habitat
2. You are traveling to the location of a reported anomaly in space.
1. Your character becomes trapped within a simulated consciousness without realizing it.
2. An incoming asteroid threatens your survival.
1. Your character is a journalist shadowing an important figure.
2. You are a miner in deep space.
1. Genetic mutations causing telekinesis are present in 10% of humans.
2. Teleportation is possible over short distances replicating and destroying individual atoms.

1. You are in a small coffee shop.
2. You are standing on a crowded subway platform
1. You are recovering from a severe stroke.
2. Someone close to you has gone missing.
1. You are feeling depressed about your situation.
2. You are feeling isolated.
1. You receive a phone call about a job opportunity.
2. A friend asks you for a dangerous favor.

1. A temporary fling between two strangers at a local club turns into something else.
2. The relationship begins when two people frequent the same cafe for lunch accidentally spill coffee on each other.
1. The arrival of a previous lover makes things complicated
2. One of the persons is a single parent.
1. Opposites attract.
2. Compromise is necessary.
1. The first date is at an art exhibition.
2. A death in the family brings the characters closer together.