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Caturday Writing Prompts: Halloween Edition!

1. If you had to dress up as an Internet celebrity cat this Halloween, which one would you be and why?

Famous Internet Cats by NuroNuro (Nurit Benchetrit).

2. You empty your basement freezer and find a mummified cat! What do you do?!
3. Moonlighting as a vampires’ assistant proves to be too much for this sassy Siamese kitten
4. You decide to dress your cat up for Halloween. While putting the costume on him, he decides to…

Cats Try On Halloween Costumes by Aaron Rift 

5. Craft a short story about the best prank your cat ever played on you.

Man Discovers The Cat He’s Been Caring For Isn’t Actually His Own

6. On All Hallows’ Evening, the black cat sat on the window sill staring out into the dark and stormy night…
7. Write a spectacularly ghoulish Halloween acrostic and use one or a few of these famous Internet cats in it:

Nyan Cat

Keyboard Cat

Lil Bub

Albert Baby Cat 

Snoopy Cat

8. A Persian cat in your local pet store has some supernatural powers

And, have a Happy Hallow-SCREAM! Mu-wah-hah-hah-hah >;)=