Is Ghosting The Ultimate 21st Century Millennial Diss? by @SMCADMAN

DÆDALUS Magazine

At first glance, this new online cultural phenomenon appears that way. But the message, much like the medium used to convey it, is tricky; open to interpretation and ever-changing rules of online social interactions. So what does Ghosting truly mean to generation Techno? It’s complicated depending on both the communicator, ghost, and the receiver, ghostee, and their relationship. Or lack thereof…

Ghosting is the act of disconnecting yourself from any relationship, whether it be romantic or platonic by suddenly cutting off social media and online correspondence with another person. It signals to the ghostee, “I’ve cut you out of my life online—and in my real life too.”

But much like in our daily lives, there are grey areas. Some who do it, hope for a positive response like acknowledgement of their existence and value. Others do it as an act of true defiance to communicate their own autonomy. And…

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