Our Lady of Eden Falls by R.R. Litwicki (Jay Litwicki @rrlitwicki) #fiction #shortstory #Dystopian #PostApocalyptic #NearFuture #amwriting #authors #writing

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“What does that kid think he’s doing?” Trip asked.

Ellis followed the Captain of the Guard’s gaze down the line of laboring detainees to where a youngster of ten or eleven knelt, hands limp at his sides, staring up at the wall before him. He looked high on something and Ellis knew it was possible if not probable, even inside. His hand dropped instinctively to the hilt of his taser as he and Trip walked down the row of teenage boys busy scrubbing graffiti off the internment camp’s north wall. Most of the graffiti was typical: Viva la Revolucion,Viva Angelo, Free Occupied Mexico, Azteca Brigade, and the all too familiar LAX: Terminal One with its stylized skull and crossbones. The slogans were interspersed with and sometimes incorporated bold geometric shapes. There were squares within circles within rectangles, quartered circles, spirals, cubes and crosses, pentagrams, prisms, and diamonds. Such…

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