The Past, Present and Future of Gaming: An Interview with 4 Gamers by SM CADMAN

DÆDALUS Magazine

Gaming has been around since the 1970’s so I sat down with four gamers individually to ask them what their thoughts were about it. What they used to play, what they’re currently playing now and where they see the future of gaming going. Desiree is in her late 20’s, Mr. Grey* is in his 30’s, Dragon* is in his mid 40’s and Barb is in her late 60’s. All have been engaged in gaming culture to some degree or another for a good portion of their lives. And they all had interesting stories about gaming to share.

Desiree’s first experience with gaming came in the form of a second-hand Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) passed on from her older brothers. She fondly remembers playing Duck Hunt and Mario Bros. I asked her what she was currently playing and she had a long list of favorites. “I really like Overwatch because they’ve…

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