Please give a warm welcome to SixEighty (@six_writing) at DÆDALUS Magazine!

DÆDALUS Magazine

Welcome SixEighty/@six_writing!

SixEighty (@six_writing) is married to a wonderful woman whom he adores and is a father of two from West Midlands in the UK. And imagine our luck, he’s also a university student studying for his BA in Creative and Professional Writing! He’ll be a regular contributor, author, and editor on the site. He’s a proficient writer and his favorite genres include Fantasy, and to a smaller extent, Science Fiction. Hopefully later this year, as he will be doing a module on Journalism, he’ll also be sharing and applying what he’s learning there too. Please give him a warm welcome and let him know we appreciate his time, expertise, talent, and hard work. Welcome aboard Six, thankful to have you on the team! :)

You can visit his personal website here: And you can find him onTwitter at

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