Meet Detroit Artist and Children’s Author, Daniel Brummitt! @_d_a_n_i_e_l__b @dinogogoofficia

DÆDALUS Magazine

Daniel Brummitt is a professional artist and media consultant from Detroit, Michigan. He’s a father of one young son, and the Founder of Philososaur Brand and Magazine. His vision is to create an avenue for artistic entrepreneurs that allows them to express themselves freely, without having to deal with any obstructive regulations and standards.

Here he shares with us selected art from his children’s book, DINOGO GO! GLOW! and art he’s created from his portfolio of ready-made items available on Society6. What’s interesting to note about his children’s book is, the lack of purposeful editing done to maintain both his artistic vision of this beautiful brightly colored neon book and to appeal to kids.

And here is a selection of art he’s created, available exclusively from Society6:

To contact Daniel about his work and art, he can be found at the following places. We hope you’ve enjoyed…

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