Chiaroscuro, Light and Dark—New #Photography From Vru Tesla (Tesla The Raven/No Se Hacer Fotos/kosmoonavtik @InSatanService)

DÆDALUS Magazine

“Photography, just like a painter’s canvas, is a two-dimensional medium and the use of chiaroscuro helps create the illusion of depth, or a third dimension. Chiaroscuro is an important compositional element in photography especially if you want to create a photograph vs. a picture.”¹ Americano Dream Photography, Rolando Gomez.

Light and dark—two important contrasts that coexist everywhere in the universe. In literature, from metaphors to tropes; in art from Dutch painter Rembrandt and Italian Caravaggio to photography with low-key lighting; in biblical references too, we’re witness to the perpetual juxtaposed turmoil between Good vs. Evil.

Vru Tesla is a young, self-taught, and very talented photographer from Spain. He intricately captures the contrast between light and dark in his black and white photography, effortlessly. Here he shares with us some of his most breathtaking photos. Enjoy! And don’t forget to follow him on both Twitter and Instagram

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