Halloween Creative Writing Prompts—Week 3 #WritingPrompts #amwriting #Halloween

DÆDALUS Magazine

Remember! If you use any of these spooky Halloween writing prompts to write a short story or poem, send us what you write! We’ll publish it on the site before October 31st! :)

  1. A homeless man can see the future, but no one believes him.
  2. After a getting a flu shot, you develop two additional pairs of arms and legs.
  3. Two Blood/Hunter’s moons rise over a darkened, abandoned graveyard.
  4. You buy a shirt. When you take it home and try to wear it, you find that it screams if it thinks it does not match your jeans.
  5. Write about an ancient Romani Gypsy curse.
  6. You unearth the lost texts of an infamous Occult leader…
  7. Feng Shui consultant puts a curse on you after you prove him wrong about…
  8. Villagers awake to find that a strange well has appeared in the center of their town.
  9. Suddenly the song, Monster Mash came…

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