Halloween Creative Writing Prompts—Week 4 #WritingPrompts #amwriting #Halloween

DÆDALUS Magazine

Remember! If you use any of these spooky Halloween writing prompts to write a short story or poem, send us what you write. We’ll publish it on the site before October 31st :)

  1. During a lunar eclipse, you find a glowing rock in your backyard.
  2. A new neighbor in your apartment building is a vampire.
  3. Your digital camera has images on it that you didn’t take of…
  4. You fall in love with a sorcerer, who changes you into anything they want, until you…
  5. A violinist suspects that a ghost is hiding inside the antique Stradivarius he recently purchased.
  6. A new employee in a toy store finds a supernatural Barbie doll.
  7. Use this eerie scene of an alien watching a man walking at midnight in a spooky forest for a story or poem.

  1. Use this picture of Tarot cards for a spooky poem or short story.

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