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DÆDALUS Magazine

by Sri Lal

Art: SMC.

Ten thousand travelers
make pilgrimage

scatter ashes of the dead,
float small lights in
leaf boats—the arati of

a loved one’s passing
on, ashes to water

and light into light.

Monkeys chatter
from dark branches.

We grieve because we
don’t know how to love.

Lal remembers her dead
too well to surrender

like a new bride,

looks for her Lord
in the fire of a setting sun.

Art: SMC.

Sri Lal’s creative writing has appeared in Fiction International, the New York Quarterly, Chicago Quarterly Review, Epiphany, Bangalore Review, and others. She is the author of Atma Bodha (O Books, 2012), a collection of Indian hymns in English translation. She teaches literature and creative writing in the English Department at CUNY’s Borough of Manhattan Community College.

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