How Will I Be Remembered? By Finn Janning, PhD/DPhil (@finn_janning) #amwriting #shortstory #philosophy #life #love #relationships

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How Will I Be Remembered?

By Finn Janning

He sits on the sofa and looks at their wedding pictures. It was three years ago. Not even three years, he thinks. They both looked so happy. Drunk. Elegantly wasted, as they had been so many times before. And later. Everything was later for them, postponed. For nearly thirteen years they had been together. That’s a long time. At such an age, most kids would be baptized. Was it too long?

Art: SMC.

He had always known that she couldn’t have kids. It was one of the first things she told him. No ovulation, she told him that sunny day on the beach. How could he know what would happen? Back then he was so in love. And younger. She seemed free, at least carefree. It attracted him.

Everything was fine until two months ago. He turned 40. It was time…

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