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In My Lone Wanderings
by Sri Lal

Art: SMC

In my lone wanderings,
I visited the temple of an empress.

She glowed,
moonlit by day or night.


Dark mother
of the universe.


She said to me,

In the Lord’s eyes
men and women are equal.

Before dawn rose,
I knelt at the sacred fire,

prayed and smeared ash in
wild stripes across my forehead.

I felt on the brink of
losing myself

to a love neither
male nor female.

Art: SMC.

Sri Lal’s creative writing has appeared in Fiction International, the New York Quarterly, Chicago Quarterly Review, Epiphany, Bangalore Review, and others. She is the author of Atma Bodha (O Books, 2012), a collection of Indian hymns in English translation. She teaches literature and creative writing in the English Department at CUNY’s Borough of Manhattan Community College.

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