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I Took the Dust
by Sri Lal

Art: SMC.

I took the dust of a mahatma’s feet.
She revealed what lives beyond

any ordinary desire,
beyond what can be measured—

the counting of sandalwood beads
or syllables,

the number of hours prayed
or fasting days

all steadily moving clocks,
the accuracy of a sundial,

beyond what any holy book says
is right, wrong, or liberated

beyond words
in any land’s vernacular.

Why do I strive to reach
you with this verse?

My Lord, this sapphire night,
in the light of the moon’s full gaze

will you enter me so completely
that I disappear into you?

Art: SMC.

Sri Lal’s creative writing has appeared in Fiction International, the New York Quarterly, Chicago Quarterly Review, Epiphany, Bangalore Review, and others. She is the author of Atma Bodha (O Books, 2012), a collection of Indian hymns in English…

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