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Cabbage by Mary Breaden

One thousand steps to the boats they’d stashed away.

The cove where they’d stored the boats was only accessible by steps the men had hammered and pounded into the face of the cliff. Whether the night be stormy or fair, one thousand steps down was what it would take before the rescue could begin.

The cove had been named for the Coast Guard Captain’s daughter, a girl who was the curious type; the daughter had been the type to find a secret like this one. The green water beguiled whether in stormy or in fair weather. That green, but first you must sacrifice land to water.

Art: SMC.

Fishermen wait for their rescue a mile or more from the rocky coast. Waters rage, rescuers might be shipwrecked on their way to save the men because when the storm tore through, it did not make human distinctions.

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