An Android’s Soul By Vito Veii #shortstory #fiction #amwriting #SciFi #AI #robots #tech #Futurism

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I sat in the captain’s chair as he wandered throughout the ship. I guided the fleet through the orbits of the three inhabited moons of Baldur, Phoenix, and Talos. From each of the three satellites, a beam of light shot up into space, saying farewell and wishing us luck, along with small flotillas of spacecraft from each of the moons firmly hugging their orbits. Life on the three moons existed by artificial means, and though each colony was self-sustaining, it was not intended that people should live in artificial environments for decades on end. However, technology continued to advance, and with it new answers to old problems.

I was communicating with the ship’s computer, running diagnostic checks, and recalibrating the long-range photon sensors. Having finished the recalibration, I began recalculating the various trajectories to reach the end of the solar system. The crew was busy about its duties; everything…

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