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Marlo raises a tiny plastic cup of water, rotates it slowly, eyeing the liquid suspiciously before placing it back on the table.

“I used to do tricks, simple sleight of hand things, the occasional ‘card out of your pocket’ thing. Nothing major.”

Officer Gregson watches the suspect with a slight sneer barely held back. The ‘Magician’ had been brought in as the main suspect in quite a phenomenal robbery. Somebody had managed to take several fully loaded armoured vehicles and vanish them completely in a single night. From separate locations across the entirety of the city. All at the same time. At least according to the final transmissions from the tracking devices.

“Then, well, ‘that’ happened didn’t it.” Marlo uses his hands emphatically, naturally taking on the personality of the showman, being the centre of attention and in control of the scene. He waves them around, guiding the officer’s…

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