Part 3, Plain Sight: Heroic Measures by Rebecca Lovell (@becca_el) #serial #fiction #shortstory #amwriting

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Heroic Measures

It was perfect. Everything was going according to plan.

Ten years. Ten years he had been planning, sitting on these feelings while he wove a protective cocoon around himself. He had volunteered at animal shelters. Made surprise trips in costume to the children’s cancer ward. Given money and – this had really won him points with the mommy bloggers – knitted blankets for critically ill children. Hell, he’d learned to knit so he could do it.

The cancer kids had been the most fun. They couldn’t believe it when their favorite superhero showed up to spend the day with them, give them flying lessons, and make the appropriate sounds over their paintings of him. He’d actually enjoyed seeing them, especially the dried-up leaves of children who couldn’t leave their beds. Maybe it was because they were close to the edge, the earth crumbling under their feet while they…

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