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“It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.”
― Philip K. Dick, VALIS

SM CADMAN is a fiction writer/author/editor, occasional graphic arts creator and frontend web developer. She started writing fiction in 2012/13 and was published shortly thereafter in a small anthology. She is currently working on a Sci-Fi/Tech/Thriller novel. Her interests include: Dystopian and Sci-Fi fiction, hard sciences, research, puzzles, hacking, and how people intersect with technology.
















Poem: “New Century Alice”, published in The Andromedae Review: http://pub.lucidpress.com/757ca9fe-2f80-45b9-8e80-2477a329a942/#xNATEhjXCUny


Excerpt from “Foretoken“,

Genre: YA, Sci-Fi, by SM CADMAN
“‘Oh my god!’ I ran over to check on him, ‘Damn! That was fun. But I slipped on something…’ he said while laughing lying across the tracks, he reached down to his shoe with his right hand, ‘There I feel it, something metal is stuck to the bottom my shoe, what is it?’ he asked.     Worried, I moved down to look at his shoe, I peeled off a flattened penny from his sole, it had a strange circle with a stretched figure eight enclosed within it.
‘Jesus, who cares, it’s a flattened penny, we have to get you off the tracks, a train might come!’ I said pleading with him.
‘It’s weird. I can hear what you’re saying but somehow I can’t see you anymore,’ I saw a  river of blood flowing out from the back of his head while he laid upon the steel beam.
‘Connor? CONNOR! Stay with me!’ I yelled out, ‘It doesn’t work like that, keep the penny close to you. It will remind you of things that shouldn’t be, a token from the future,’ he shut his eyes and died.”

Excerpt from “The Malus Code”, Genre: Sci-Fi, by Sara Cadman

 “One day…I know…,” she quietly said to herself and then repeated the quote which Pyramus had mechanically signed to her: ‘No nation rich enough to pay for both war and civilization. We must make their choice; they cannot have both’.
She pressed her three fingers on her left hand to her mouth and then dipped them down mechanically signing, “Thank you”. But this didn’t make their task any easier, and it couldn’t make it feel less like declaring who was to stay and who was ultimately to decompose.
…Certain women had been selected in the 22nd century from every corner of earth to represent humanity and to receive these genetic adaptations. These novel mutations to their genetic code would enable them to carry new human-hybrid beings, Like Layla and Pyramus, for a full gestational period of eighteen months. A full hybrid force of 1,000 would be cultivated and engineered to change world society. This would be done with the introduction of highly engineered bacterial protozoa which would express certain genes and inhibit others for a spectacular neo-human-hybrid [r]evolution…”

Excerpt from “Mexican Dogs and Carros“, Genre: Creative Nonfiction, by Sara Cadman.

“When we arrived at the Toyota, I opened the back door on the driver’s side and motioned for Atl to jump in. Quizzically he pondered my gesture.

‘Atl, ¡sube! [get in]’ I said.

Laughter erupted between Cabalina, Tio and her mother. I wondered if I’d said it correctly, so I asked. They laughed again. Unsure of what to do, I decided to get in El carro first, hoping that Atl would follow my lead. I motioned to him. He didn’t budge and instead walked to the back [of the car]. At this point, I really thought he was experiencing heat exhaustion and the interior of the car was just too hot for him…”

Multi-Authored BWC Anthology, Select Poetry by SM CADMAN

Multi-Authored BWC Anthology, Select Poetry by SM CADMAN



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