#Caturday #WritingPrompts! #amwriting =^-^=

10. Someone hands you a manila envelope at a diner. Inside is a secret message, but written in cryptic paw prints…
7. Write a short skit for these cats: Snoopy, Lil’ Bub and Grumpy Cat.

The 10 Commandments Of Basic Security For DIY Authors, Artists & Creatives Online #infosec #cybersecurity

“Phishing is a particular nuisance to those who use the Internet for business, such as writers, artists etc. Often it arrives in your inbox in the form of some job offer or some other product offered. Always check the email it was sent from, if you can see the source of it (some email providers, provide this service) examine it. Social Engineering can also take place in these malicious types of emails by trying to entice you to download certain documents, run programs or click on various links within these emails.”

Narrative Point of View & Deep Point of View: Writing Tips #WriteTips #AmWriting

“Ever read a story, novel or poem and wonder why you’re unable to identify with it? Perhaps you decide to stick with it and struggle through reading it. But now you’re left unsatisfied with how it was told to you. What exactly was the issue with it, why couldn’t you just get into it? Sometimes it’s as simple as the Point of View it was told to you in.”

11 Powerful Tips for Producing #SpokenWord #Poetry

“Spoken Word is, alive. Sounds weird, right? But if you consider the best of it out there, it’s always about the performance, the presentation. Choose a subject matter that’s passionate and important to you. Doesn’t matter if it’s about bubble gum or world affairs, it should be powerful and remember to do it with a passionate attitude.”

Lord of the Flies & the #Psychology of #Politics. “Maybe there is a beast… maybe it’s only us.”¹ Simon, Lord Of The Flies #essay #amwriting #writing #amreading #reading #books #classics #novels #fiction

“In Lord of Flies, we also see the archetypes that Freud described of the Superego, Ego and Id, or Freudian Trio in the three main characters. Piggy represents the Superego; Ralph the Ego; and Jack the Id. It’s presented as a way of understanding how politics and leadership works but it’s also detailing parts of ourselves. In today’s world, most especially in American politics, these archetypes still exist and play out—insightful, intelligent and wise Bernie Sanders is like bespectacled Piggy, the Superego; decisive, shrewd and realistic Hillary Clinton is much like Ralph, the Ego; and impulsive, brash and narcissistic Donald Trump is like a lot like antagonist Jack, the Id. Or so the narrative has been framed for the consuming public.”

The Neon Demon: An In-Depth Film Review

“…the film is pure almost literary quality Art; meant to provoke and elicit a response from the viewer-consumer. And it does exactly that: You either love it or hate it. But you react.”