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Lord of the Flies & the #Psychology of #Politics. “Maybe there is a beast… maybe it’s only us.”¹ Simon, Lord Of The Flies #essay #amwriting #writing #amreading #reading #books #classics #novels #fiction

“In Lord of Flies, we also see the archetypes that Freud described of the Superego, Ego and Id, or Freudian Trio in the three main characters. Piggy represents the Superego; Ralph the Ego; and Jack the Id. It’s presented as a way of understanding how politics and leadership works but it’s also detailing parts of ourselves. In today’s world, most especially in American politics, these archetypes still exist and play out—insightful, intelligent and wise Bernie Sanders is like bespectacled Piggy, the Superego; decisive, shrewd and realistic Hillary Clinton is much like Ralph, the Ego; and impulsive, brash and narcissistic Donald Trump is like a lot like antagonist Jack, the Id. Or so the narrative has been framed for the consuming public.”

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My article, Lord of the Flies & the #Psychology of #Politics is now up on Page to Pixels! :)

“Post WWII, counter measures emerged from Edward Bernays the nephew of Sigmund Freud. His uncle stated that he “…had discovered primitive sexual and aggressive forces hidden deep inside the minds of all human beings, forces which if not controlled, led individuals and societies to utter chaos and destruction.”3 Bernays based upon the theories of Freud, felt that manipulating the public was a necessary evil to control these urges and prevent future wars and the ultimate destruction of society.”